This is an image I created with an ink pencil. It's a strange medium to work with because it behaves like a graphite pencil but marks can't be erased and any water that gets on the piece turns it blue. The 'spots' on it are in fact drops of water that somehow got onto the piece. Whatever. This small drawn image I eventually painted on a large canvas in acrylic. I'll post a picture of that piece when I get a minute.

Well, I've got a minute and here's the painting that the drawing above inspired. This painting is the largest I've painted. It's 5'X6' in acrylic. "Jou" in French means play. Picasso included the word in some of his pieces.


Clive said…
Hey Roger, I thought I heard you mention you would start your own art blog...lovely painting...and drawing. Will link from Lifers and my own blog when I get some time...

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