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So, Winston is a bloodhound rescued by my longtime friend, Bill Brehl who lives near Ottawa.  He's a great guy and a rescuer of bloodhounds along with his wife, Andrea Brehl.  They have 3 bloodhounds and assorted other pets.  Bill took a picture of one of his bloodhounds, Winston, as he was staring out the window during a rainstorm.  I was inspired by Bill's photo to do this acrylic painting of Winston.  It was great fun to do.  I've wanted to use the 'chiaroscuro' technique for some time and this painting demonstrates that (in my mind).  It's 16X20 inches. It lives with Bill and Andrea.

More derelict boats.

The top painting here is acrylic, 24X24 inches.  The bottom image is a hand-painted (in watercolour) intaglio print 9X12 inches.  Both are for sale in the Project Watershed online auction on its Keeping It Living website.  SOLD


March 2013

Pico and the raccoon

Created for my granddaughters for Christmas 2012.