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I did this simple coloured pencil drawing years ago. I'm going to use it as the basis of a painting soon.

Paintings from 2007

Forest Floor (acrylic, 24X30)

Cobra Fern (acrylic, 24X30)

Languid Liquid (acrylic 24 X 48 inches)


The photo doesn't do this piece full credit. The actual painting in acrylic (16"X20").

Self Portrait 2008

I hope that it's obvious that it's a self portrait.
 In a political frame of mind recently, I titled this piece: The Colonial Master Gazer. That works, I think but from that perspective it's a little embarrassing that I'm the model for the piece. Whatever, I think it works whatever I call it.  My daughter, Marika, is in possession of this piece.

Bali Weeping

The three images here are linked. The first image is of a Balinese wall plaque that we bought some time ago. For a project in silk screening class I put together an image derived from the mask that I call Bali Weeping as a commentary on colonialism and the loss of Balinese culture via westernization. The third image is a monoprint. It was created as the print series was created. There are 9 colour 'pulls' for my Bali Weeping print, 9 separate screens that must be used for the 9 different colours involved. Every time I pulled a colour on the print I also pulled it on the monoprint so that every pull is present on the monoprint but in a very different relationship to the 'regular' print. I like the effect and it is definitely one of a kind.

Portrait of Carolyn as a Young Woman

This portrait is very light and ethereal, with a very unusual perspective for a portrait. I did this long ago, but I still like it and thought I'd share it with you!
It's 8½X11 in hard pencil.


Another 1984 drawing.

Self Portrait from 1984

This is what I looked like in 1984! Time to do another self-portrait.

Looking East into the Salish Sea

This is a drawing I did in 1985 when I first started drawing using Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, a great book by Betty Edwards. There's a story here. We (the family) were at Seal Bay Park one day exploring the beach when I ran across this piece of driftwood that looked like an old wrecked window of some kind. I propped it up with some rocks and drew what I saw inside the 'window.'

Tree Frog

This is a pencil drawing I did of a tree frog. I got the image from a magazine cover (can't remember which) but I just loved this image and decided to draw it. This is the result. I'm quite happy with it. It's small, about 7"X10".
This is the first image I did inspired by the River Road boats. It's a pencil drawing that hung in the Rocky Mountain Café in Comox but now hangs at home. It's one of the first 'serious' drawings I did.

George doesn't like you.

No, I'm not kidding. I call this guy New Orleans because of the hurricane that hit the place and put lots of people like this out on the street.

Hang Dog Terrorist

This is an image I did a couple of years ago. It's basically an ink doodle. This guy is George Bush's worst nightmare.


I'm not sure I'm terribly happy with this piece. I did it last night from a doodle I did during a boring meeting I was in. I'm having fun, though. This is ink, watercolour and gouache on cold-pressed paper.


This is a watercolour. It's 8"X15" or so. The actual work is much 'crisper' than the image suggests. This sunflower was cut and placed in water with red dye in it. That colours the petals.

And Proud of It

This is a 'playful' image. I start a painting like this by first drawing the image. I do that by randomly drawing lines on the paper with ink, then decide what the lines invoke. This is an acrylic painting 24"X48". The photo doesn't do it credit. It's much 'crisper' than the photo suggests.


This is an image I created with an ink pencil. It's a strange medium to work with because it behaves like a graphite pencil but marks can't be erased and any water that gets on the piece turns it blue. The 'spots' on it are in fact drops of water that somehow got onto the piece. Whatever. This small drawn image I eventually painted on a large canvas in acrylic. I'll post a picture of that piece when I get a minute.

Well, I've got a minute and here's the painting that the drawing above inspired. This painting is the largest I've painted. It's 5'X6' in acrylic. "Jou" in French means play. Picasso included the word in some of his pieces.

River Road

This acrylic painting (24"X36") and was inspired by my forays on the Fraser River shores looking for likely scenes to paint. I took a picture of these boats years ago, but finished this painting only this year. I also have an intaglio print I've done of a similar scene. This painting is for sale: $400.00 Email for details:

This is another image derived from the same scene. This one is an etching. I think maybe I'll hand paint this one, but I like the drama of the black and white image.

Deep Cedar

This is an acrylic painting, 36"X36". This is a painting I did a couple of years ago of a scene close to where I live in Cumberland, B.C. The forest is full of the same kind of images of course, but each is unique and beautiful. This image is based on a photograph Carolyn (Kirk-Albert) took one day as we walked though the forest looking for exactly this kind of thing!


This is my studio from inside the garden. I like it. It's in a peaceful setting, conducive to creativity.

Early Winter in the Temperate Rain Forest- 2006

I'll load images as I have the time. This acrylic painting I don't have in my possession anymore but I do have this picture of it. It's one of a series I'm still doing. I love walking through the forest with Carolyn looking for images. This is one based on a photo she took.