Bali Weeping

The three images here are linked. The first image is of a Balinese wall plaque that we bought some time ago. For a project in silk screening class I put together an image derived from the mask that I call Bali Weeping as a commentary on colonialism and the loss of Balinese culture via westernization. The third image is a monoprint. It was created as the print series was created. There are 9 colour 'pulls' for my Bali Weeping print, 9 separate screens that must be used for the 9 different colours involved. Every time I pulled a colour on the print I also pulled it on the monoprint so that every pull is present on the monoprint but in a very different relationship to the 'regular' print. I like the effect and it is definitely one of a kind.


Clive said…
Punchy graphics! Both are really interesting.

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