These are art cards. Linocuts. Various sizes and colours. $7.50 each. 
This is a serigraphy. Bali Weeping, 9 colour screen print. 1994
Copper plate with ground before placing into acid for etching.  The lines get etched
and the ink pressed into them. The plate is 15X20 inches and the print is called
Van Dusen Ivy 2017

Van Dusen Dead Ivy 15X20 Intaglio Print.
This is a mono print taken from the print Bali Weeping. One of two. 
The second of two mono prints. These are much larger than the original print although they don't look like it here. 
Chinese Trees Reflected. Woodblock 11X10 inches. There is a variable edition of this piece. $30 each.

A recent piece called Pender Harbour Derelicts. 5X7 inches (8X10 including border). An edition of 30. $25 each.
A collograph. Untitled triptych. These pieces can be bought individually or as a group. 


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